Fancy Dress Results 2018

Children’s Fancy Dress Results

Class 1: Decorated Vehicle

1st Manor Tree
2nd HMS Mary Poppins
3rd Little Pirate Ship
4th Mermaid

Class 2: Schools & Youth Groups

1st Harlands School
2nd Rocks Park School
3rd Manor CP School
4th Uckfield Theatre Guild Youth

Class 3: Groups of Two or More

1st West Family
2nd Disney
3rd Chimney Sweeps
4th Greatest Showman

Class 4: Boys & Girls – 4 and under

1st Robot
2nd Rapunzel
3rd Woody, Toy Story
4th Pirate

Class 5: Boys & Girls – 5 to 8 years

1st Knight on Horse
2nd Penguin
3rd Monsters inc
4th Fairground Horse

Class 6: Boys & Girls – 9 to 12 years

1st Baker
2nd Jester
3rd Top Hat
4th Jedi

Class 8: Members not in Society Costume

1st Tinkerbell

Class 9: Members in Society Costume

1st Mexican, Tom Holt
2nd Mexican, Chloe Ireland
3rd Mexican – George Holt
4th Mexican, Kathleen Holt

Class 10: Best Dressed from Classes 1 to 8

1st Robot
2nd West Family
3rd Manor Tree
Joint 4th Tinkerbell
Joint 4th Baker

Adults Fancy Dress Results

Class A: Gents Fancy Dress

1st Buxted Deer Hunter
2nd Red Bather
3rd Purple Bather

Class B: Ladies Fancy Dress

1st Purple Patchwork
2nd Phoenix Lady
3rd Tudor Lady

Class C: Groups of Two or More Adults

1st Phoenix Couple
2nd Buxted Bonfire
3rd Jockeys

Class D: Gents of UBCS

1st Indian – Jamie Gates
2nd Mexican – Neil Harper
3rd Paul Holt

Class E: Ladies of UBCS

1st Mexican – Emma Maceachern
2nd Knight – Val Gladman
3rd Mexican – Nikkie Beard

Class F: Decorated Prams and Motor Cycles

No entrants

Class G: Best Tableaux, Trade & Advert

1st Kids Stuff
2nd Pole Fit
3rd Crowborough Cabs

Class H: Best Tableaux, Non-Trade

1st Exrocks
2nd West Family
3rd Uckfield Lions

Class I: Best Youth Organisation Tableaux

1st Uckfield Guides and Rainbows

Class K: Best Dressed Visiting Society

1st Phoenix
2nd Buxted Bonfire Society
3rd Borough Bonfire Society

Class L: Best Dressed Banner Carrier

1st Eastbourne Bonfire Society