Children’s Fancy Dress Results – Uckfield Carnival 2014

Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad WolfClass 1: Decorated Vehicle
1st Isfield Boat, Isfield Playschool
2nd HMS Leo, Leo & Max Woolhouse
3rd 110 Sleeps till Christmas, Elizabeth Heath, Beccy Newton-May, Casey Clark, Conner & Declan McDonald
4th Maisies Ice Cream, Maisie Jenkins

Class 2: Playschools & Schools
1st St Phillips RC School
2nd Holy Cross CE School
3rd Manor CP School
4th Rocks Park CP School

Class 3: Groups of Two or More
1st Three Little Pigs, Bonnie Brooker, Isla Pears, Joey Allen, Kitty Joel
2nd Anglo Saxon, Mikayla & Benjamin Lunn
3rd Mexicans Lily & Jo Love
4th Princesses, Amber, Heidi & Kaleigh

Class 4: Boys & Girls – 4 and under
1st Scarecrow, Martha Isted
2nd Never Ending Story, Sapphire Boniface
3rd Mystery Machine, Amber Axford
4th Pink Poodle, Bailey Williams

Class 5: Boys & Girls – 5 to 8 years
1st African Animals
2nd Jack in the Box, Poppy West
3rd Mary Had a Little Lamb, Maddyson Gottliffe
4th Spiderman, Ben Bees

Class 6: Boys & Girls – 9to 12 years
1st Flamingo, Rohan Huxley
2nd SpongeBob Square Pants, Tilly May Weller
3rd Where’s Wally, Emily Rogers
4th My Little Pony, Leah Wright

Class 8: Members not in Society Costume
1st Wonka Bar, Sebastian Boniface
2nd Jack in the Box, Poppy West
3rd Mystery Machine, Alex & Noah Titus
4th Beware Carnival Walker, Elliott Foster

Class 9: Members in Society Costume
1st Anglo Saxon Girl, Mikayla Lunn
2nd Mexican, Jo Love
3rd Mexican, Chloe Ireland
4th Mexican, Lily Love

Class 10: Best Dressed from Classes 1 to 8
1st Three Little Pigs
2nd Wonka Bar
3rd African Animals
4th Flamingo