• Friday 5th September, 9.15pm

    This year we donated over £4000 to local charities

  • We Burn For Charity

    2019 Street Collection Total was £3725

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Uckfield’s First Virtual  Carnival

Saturday 5th September, 2020

We are sure it will come as no surprise that Uckfield Carnival could not take place this September in the way it has for nearly 200 years. The Covid-19 pandemic and the various restrictions mean it would have been both difficult and irresponsible of us to try to go ahead with our normal carnival weekend and parades.

Instead we went VIRTUAL!

Click the link below to view the First (and hopefully only) Virtual Uckfield Carnival.

The Society

The origins of the Uckfield Bonfire & Carnival Society go back to 1827 when shop traders organised a Carnival on a Wednesday afternoon.

Today’s Carnival is organised by a committee of local people from Uckfield and the surrounding area. All members can attend meetings to help organise the annual carnival. The Society also has a lot of other help and support from local groups and organisations to stage the event.
During the Bonfire season the Society will visit other Bonfire celebrations as well as attending the Guy Fawks Night celebrations in Lewes on November 5th.

‘We burn for charity’

The Uckfield Bonfire & Carnival Society is a non-profit organisation. All the money collected on the day or raised during the year pays for organising the Carnival. Any money left over is donated to local charities and organisations. This year we donated over £4000 to local charities, youth groups and community organisations in and around Uckfield.