Adults Fancy Dress & Tableaux Results – Uckfield Carnival 2014

Class A: Gents Fancy Dress
1st Indian, John Haffenden
2nd Bishop, Paul Woodwood
3rd Indian, Jamie Gates

Class B: Ladies Fancy Dress
1st Queen Victoria, Lynn Brodrick
2nd Zulu, Sandra Voice
3rd Victorian Lady, Tasha Brodrick

Class C: Groups of Two or More Adults
1st Indians
2nd Victorians
3rd Barrocks

Class D: Gents of UBCS
1st Indian, Barry Haffenden
2nd Mexican, Neil Harper
3rd Smurf, Will Harper

Class E: Ladies of UBCS
1st Mexican, Linda Whitman
2nd Mexican, Sue Harper
3rd Mini Mouse, Anna Sherwood

Class F: Decorated Prams and Motor Cycles
1st Pirates, Val Gladman

Class G: Best Tableaux, Trade & Advert
1st Dawson Hart
2nd Pole Fit
3rd Universal Dance

Class H: Best Tableaux, Non-Trade
1st Kings Church
2nd Cats Protection League
3rd Isfield Village Playschool

Class I: Best Youth Organisation Tableaux
1st Rocks Park CP School

Class K: Best Dressed Visiting Society
1st Lewes Borough
2nd Fletching Bonfire Society
3rd Mayfield Bonfire Society

Class L: Best Dressed Banner Carrier
1st Hailsham Bonfire Society